Spirit of Unity by David Oshin

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Spirit of unity by David oshin


We are in the last days of the church and that is no more news
because the last days began right from the day of Pentecost when
the Holy Ghost came down to the earth to officially take over from
Jesus. That however was not the first time the Holy Ghost will
manifest himself on the earth, he has been manifesting himself right
from the re-creation of the earth and all through the old testament
in different forms and names, but that day of Pentecost announced
officially the “dispensation of the Holy Ghost” and since then the last
days officially kicked off, but here we are in the latter day of the last
days and the coming of Christ is just so close but before Jesus comes
the Church needs to come into the full reality of this dispensation
and fully manifest his realities, this can only happen when Spirit of
Unity takes over the church of God. Brethren please understand
this, we are no where yet near God’s best for our lives and this best
will only come into reality when the church comes together in Unity.
Ps 133:1- 3
Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity!


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