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How To Self Publish Books & Sell on Amazon by David Oshin

How To Self Publish Books & Sell on Amazon by David Oshin

In today’s class, I will be teaching on how to publish ebooks on amazon and sell it there.
Amazon is the largest ecommerce company in the world, and lots of publishers make money selling their ebooks on amazon. Selling on amazon was impossible for Nigerians for a long time because we were not trusted but the door has been opened in the last few years.
How can you self publish your book on amazon ?
First ,
Go to kdp.amazon.com

Fill in your country, full name, address, city phone number and the rest , also fill in your bank details.
And very important. Fill in your tax information
They will conduct a tax interview for you
So its important you obtain a tax id. Its all to verify your identity. Then for payment, determine if its check you want your payment on or other payment platforms.
Once you are done setting up your account then enter the book self.
To create a new ebook
You go to the book shelf.
Click on kindle ebook
Enter the language, book title, series, If its in series.
The Author’s Name

First and last name
Write the name of contributors, if there are
Give a full description of the book

Under the copyright
Choose copyright ,if you own the rights to the book, if not, choose public domain
Choose public domain if you gathered information from public domains like websites, blogs and other sources
They are not likely to publish your book if you choose you own copyright, and there are too many content on public domains
And also, when you are writing your book, always try to develop your own content, or write it in your own words
For keywords, write the likely words people might search for ,that can take them to your book
Under age and grade, if your book is for primary school or children, indicate it there
Select the category your book is likely to fall under, you can choose up to two categories. Lastly, publish your book immediately or do a preorder. Once you are done , upload the book. Preferably in word or PDF format. 
Upload your book cover, Once you are done, Set your price and wait for their approval to be published.
Approval takes one to two days, once it is approved, then you need to market your ebook. You can market it on amazon, or Facebook or Instagram, or even on blogs.
You can also tell amazon to publish a hardcover of the book for you.

To market you eBook effectively, you can consult me, send me a mail


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