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5 Tips to Developing Content that SELLS – David Oshin

You can develop a video content or Write up

I will show quick ways to go about it
1.) The TITLE matters a lot
You need a title that is captivating or enticing , but it must not be a lie or misleading
For example, 4 reasons why you are still Broke . How I made my first million blogging
Something very captivating. This also is good

Why my Neighbors think am a Yahoo Boy

Obviously , 70% of people who see it should read through or probably want to check to know about it

For a relationship topic Something like,
How to know a guy loves you

4 tips to know you are with the wrong person
OK, So the headline is very important

2.) The Hook

If you are writing a long article, then you need a hook

That hook is the promise that keeps them reading or watching to the end.
If its a write up

Then, the headline is something like
4 reasons why you are still Broke

The hook can be something like, read to the end and you will hate poverty
Or if your headline is
4 reasons you are not married

Your hook can be , i love point number 4 the most. So it keeps them reading to the end
If its a video. You should the same. Make sure you arrest their attention in the first 10 secs
3.) The body

When developing content, make sure your content relates with the people, if you have a personal testimony, you can start with that, so they can relate like
Oh Yes ! You know my mind

That kind of stuff.

Write content like you are talking to them one on one, and always show you are here to help them out

4) Let your content promise them higher than what they are paying for. If its a skill or product or whatever

5.) Let your content explain what they stand to lose if they don’t buy

Credit : David Oshin

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