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5 Things you need to know about Social Media Marketing

I know some people can be frustrated with Marketing on Facebook/Instagram and the rest.
Let me give you five tips you need to know!
1.) People don’t come to social media with a mindset of buying something
It’s not a market place! Don’t be angry if they don’t buy your product. Its actually a place of connecting people, so most people just come to check what is happening, a birthday , new gist or sth.

2.) Your advert should be able to distract them from their original intention and hook them till they buy
Don’t run an ads like they came to buy, run like , compelling uninterested people to buy from you

  1. ) People won’t buy it on the page the ads is seen, you must have a landing page, where you sell the products to them.
    To understand landing page, join the digital marketing class
  2. Your ads must be intellectually interesting and emotionally compelling
  3. If the ads work, keep using same ads, while you experiment on others.
    Stick with the winning ads

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