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5 Common Sense Tips To YouTube Vlogging

1.) Upload your own content
YouTube are very strict with community standard, NEVER upload content that you didn’t create, its an offence to upload content you find randomly on the internet
2.) You can use content that has creative common license on it , you will see the sign Cc. Creative common means the owner has released it for public use
3.) Always learn to summarize your content in the first 5 to 10 secs in your video, people easily turn off from a video content in first 10 secs, so if you can’t hook them, you have lost them
4.) Learn how to optimize your tags and keywords to be visible, its about seo, if you don’t understand seo, you can join the digital marketing class
Like someone said, the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of google search, same thing with YouTube search
I doubt if any of you moved to the next page to search for stuffs before, so if you don’t appear on first page. Nobody will find you
5.) Its good to do short videos, but if you need to get partnership plan with YouTube, longer videos are advisable. YouTube prefer longer videos that keeps people more on your page

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