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Blogging is writing contents /articles for a blog.
A lot of people go into blogging for the wrong reasons, so they get frustrated, and get nothing out of it.
I am giving you 5 tips to do blogging correctly

1.) Blog about your Passion.
Dont blog about any topic / subject / field because it is lucrative, but because you are passionate about it. Your passion keeps fueling you even though, you don’t see the results you are expecting
Without a passion, you will experience burn out

2.) Blog to Inform / Educate

Dont allow your primary purpose of blogging be to make money, else it will loose content, think about all the information you have access to on google , its all because people thought of educating you, that should be the primary purpose of blogging, and teach what you know and have experienced probably, it drives home the point

3.) Don’t be a Content Thief

A lot of upcoming bloggers have a nature of stealing contents hook, line and sinker, funny enough they do this without acknowledging the source. That’s is wrong ! You can gather content from different sources, but write it in your style , in your language, let there always be a feel about your writeup

4.) Blog as an Authority

Always learn to blog as an authority in the field, it also means you have to do extra research and know what you are talking about, let your subscribers see your info as dependable and trustworthy. You nay have to delay your post, if you don’t have the full facts

If you blogging news articles, always to verify sources, its ethically wrong to post lies, wrong and malicious information

5.) Turn passion to Profit

For blogging , you make money when you have the people’s heart, profit is not the first thing you make, but profit is inevitable once you have done a good job. So turn passion into profit, if you are really passionate about what you do, you can live off it, learn how to generate income from blogging without devaluing your content

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